Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Spirit of Sonoran Sand Soccer

Hóla Peacemakers!

The time has come again. RCPM is gearing up to host our 20th Circus Mexicus (CMXX)! The weekend of June 10-12 will be full of fun in the sand and sunshine, and rock and roll and revelry under the Moonshine! The festivities begin on Friday evening at JJ’s Cantina for our Hot Dog and a Smile Charity BBQ (to benefit La Esperanza Orphanage), continue on Saturday at Wrecked at the Reef (Rock and Soccer Tourney) and at Chango’s (RCPM Concert) and move back to JJ’s for the Mañanathon on Sunday.

On Saturday, June 11th, we’ll be hosting our second annual Rock and Soccer beach soccer tournament. Last year’s tournament was a blast and we can’t wait to play again. As of this writing, my team, Mexican Moonshine, has reigned for 333 golden, bliss-filled, halcyon days as the sovereign and benevolent victors of last year’s competition and as undisputable Campeones del Mundo. Today, we have 32 days of bragging rights remaining until we must defend our title! We invite you to assemble or join a team and compete for bragging rights for the following year. Bring friends and family to cheer everyone on! It’s all in good fun and for a good cause.
Player registration fee is $30, and each player will receive an Adidas Official Rock and Soccer jersey. Proceeds from team registration and sponsorship will again benefit Rocky Point’s Larry D. Large Foundation (

We’ll be setting up two fields on the beach in front of Wrecked at the Reef Cantina.
Players must be at least 16 years old. Teams will consist of 8 players, will be co-ed (we encourage a 50/50 mix of genders) and must (should) consist of at least 6/2 mix of genders. Matches will be 5-a-side during play, unlimited substitutions, and will consist of 2 fifteen (15) minute periods.
Games will begin on Saturday morning ( with questions) and continue via double elimination until the 2011 Campeones del Mundo emerge as this year’s proud victors. All players from all levels of play are welcome. And though this will be a World Championship tournament, please lead your team’s play with fun, fairness, sportsmanship and safety. We want this to be a long-term, all inclusive, fun event for years to come. There will be a third field there too, for anyone who wishes to get in a friendly game. So come, play, cheer, lounge at a sea-side cantina and be a part of this glorious event!

To register, go to click the Circus Mexicus section and then click on the Rock and Soccer link.

Play on!
Roger Clyne

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  1. Jesus, my hubs (the Venezuelan who gave you the beenie in Portland last fall, Roger) wanted so badly to help your team to be Campeones del Mundo otra vez this year. However, we're having our own Campeon del Mundo visiting us during that time this year. An hermano hailing from VZ, will be staying in our casa during Circus Mexicus and therefore, we are unable to attend this years soccer evento. We will hopefully be able to bid you suerte at the Portland show this Friday...but alas, not able to help out en persona en Mexico). Salud y suerte, y que el mejor equipo (mexican moonshine) gana muchos GOAALLLLLLLLLes!