Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mexican Moonshine CD


This just in: Mexican Moonshine is a huge success!

The demand from fans wanting to let their cups overflow under the glow of the Moonshine has been outstanding. Gracias to everyone who has purchased a bottle or had it poured at their favorite restaurant!

Each bottle you buy also comes with a CD sampler of some of RCPM's most beloved songs.

Recently, we got the bottles filled, but we apparently were enjoying the tequila too much and accidently hit "stop" about :30 seconds early while burning CDs. Unfortunately, that means several CD's that were already shipped out, have the last little bit of Americano! cut off.

We want to make good on this and make sure everyone who received a shortened CD gets the full length version.

There are several ways we are doing this:

a) You can download Americano! at Peacetime Goods for FREE! The link is at:

If you like, you can also download six other RCPM classics for free, even if you haven't purchased any Mexican Moonshine yet. All the songs are part of The Magnificent 7, a seven song collection of some of RCPM's most beloved tunes. The Magnificent 7 is also the perfect introduction to RCPM for new fans.

b) If you prefer having an actual CD, you can send your faulty CD to:

c/o Expert Assistants
25829 N. 41st. Drive
Phoenix, Arizona 85083

And we'll send you a new one!

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to falling under the spell of the Moonshine with everyone in the future!