Saturday, June 26, 2010

Moonshine Update

Hola amigos y amigas!

First we raised our glasses in Mexico and said ¡Salúd! Then we made the exciting announcement that your heart and your cup would soon be able to overflow in the United States.

Now we have more news about how you can get Roger Clyne's Mexican Moonshine stocked in a liquor store near you this summer!

Mexican Moonshine now has its own website filled with information about Señor Clyne's triple-distilled, extremely smooth Blue Agave tequila.

If you want Mexican Moonshine in your hometown, here's what you need to do: Go to, click the "Find It" section at the top, then scroll down where it asks you to enter your zip code.

As we announced previously, Pacific Edge Imports in Agoura Hills, CA, will be distributing Mexican Moonshine in America. They hope to receive their first shipment in a couple of weeks. In addition to entering your zip code, you need to call your local liquor store and tell them to call Pacific Edge at 818-879-0946 and order Mexican Moonshine!

If you're planning on crossing the dusty Mexican borderlands in the near future and heading down to Rocky Point, Mexican Moonshine is still available for purchase at Vazquez Liquors in Sonoyta just after entering Mexico (via Lukeville, AZ) and JJ’s Cantina in Cholla Bay. Just remember only one liter per adult is allowed into the states.

Moonshine is also being poured in Rocky Point at Latitude 31, Sunset Cantina, Max’s Café, the Sonoran Grill and JJ’s Cantina.

Muchas Gracias and stay tuned.
Mexican Moonshine is on the way!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mexican Moonshine coming to the U.S.!!

Circus Mexicus weekend 2010 was special for many reasons, not the least of which was it marked the return of Roger's very own, extremely smooth tequila, Mexican Moonshine.

At the time, it was only available in Mexico. But now there's good news for all you gringos, Mexican Moonshine will soon be sold in the U.S.A.!!!

If you'd like to fall under the spell, let your cup overflow and shine in the glow the Moonshine, here's what you need to do:

Contact your local liquor store. Tell them to call Pacific Edge Imports at 818-879-0946 and order Roger's super smooth tequila. Pacific Edge is expecting their first shipment of Mexican Moonshine in a couple of weeks and then they will distribute to licensed liquor stores. They will not sell to individual fans off the street.

Mexican Moonshine will be in the States soon! Call your liquor store today and tell them to stock up!

Here's to Life!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tulsa 6/22


Cain's Ballroom has been called the Carnegie Hall of western swing. But the venue also famously hosted the Sex Pistols in 1978, one of only four U.S. shows for the Sex Pistols that year. The show has become a part of rock folklore.

Tonight (6/22), Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers make their mark on the historic venue that today hosts the best in rock, country and alternative music.

We need to get the word out the RCPM is playing tonight. Here's what we need YOU to do: Find a website or message board that is frequented by Tulsa music fans. Make a posting promoting tonight's show. Then send an email to or to tell us about your post. The best one will be invited to visit the merch booth tonight at pick out $25 worth of swag. Postings on any of RCPM's web pages don't count. We want others who may not already be going to the show to hear about RCPM.

Gracias all!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mexican Moonshine update!


Many of you basked in the glow of the Mexican Moonshine during Circus Mexicus weekend. Fresh from the distiller, we weren't exactly sure how or where we were going to distribute it. But with some help from a ma and pa (mostly pa) home grown service to the RCPM society, we managed to set up shop, get the word out to you, and you responded. Gracias!

Even though a good number of you bought bottles of Mexican Moonshine, as luck would have it, there are still some left in Rocky Point that we weren't able to take back with us. So if you're headed down to Puerto Peñasco for a weekend vacation, some R&R, or simply because you're thirsty, you can still let your cup overflow with the Moonshine. JJ's Cantina now has Mexican Moonshine for sale, by the bottle or poured by the cup to quench your thirst.

Mexican Moonshine is available for sale by the bottle at the following locations:

JJ's Cantina
Reggie's 8/12
Latitude 31
Vasquez (in Sonoyta)

And it is being poured at:

JJ's Cantina
Sunset Cantina
Sonoran Grille in the Sonoran Spa.

It’s surreal, sublime, manmade and divine. It's Roger Clyne's very own triple filtered and double distilled, extremely smooth tequila, Mexican Moonshine!

If you're in Rocky Point, pick up a bottle or two of your own.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Rock and Soccer FAQ

Circus Mexicus Rock and Soccer Tips and FAQs
The biggest rock and roll fiesta of the summer is this week! Circus Mexicus 2010 is now just a few days away and the good folks in Rocky Point are busy stocking their bars, their taco stands and their salsa dishes in preparation for your arrival.
In addition, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers are very excited and pleased to present their first annual Circus Mexicus Rock and Soccer Tournament on Sandy Beach on Saturday. A lot of people have been working really hard to make this event possible. Even if you're not playing, we encourage everyone to come out and support the players. Some have real soccer playing experience. Some are weekend warriors. Some probably don't know a throw-in from corner kick. And some may be battling hangovers from JJ's the night before. All of them could use your cheers!
To give you an idea of what to expect, we've put together a sort of checklist. Some of the restaurants and resorts in the area are offering some great deals on food and drinks during the beach soccer tournament. To the players, a reminder to STAY HYDRATED! We love beer as much as the next fan, but it's also expected to be very warm during the tournament and we want everyone to have fun and be safe at the same time. Remember to drink water or Gatorade too!
List of beach soccer things to do:
Before you leave
· Bring socks, soccer balls to practice with and water. Game balls will be provided.
· Bring beach chairs and a tent if you have one.
· Make sure you know where the concert venue is ahead of time. You’ll park in the lots behind the stage at Sonoran Spa and Sea.

When you get there
· Friends and family are welcome and encouraged to hang out on the beach all day.
· Park in either parking lot of the Sonoran Sun or Sea and go through either lobby to beach.
· If you're not already a guest at the Spa or Sea, the condos ask each non guest sign-in before heading out to the beach.
Amenities such as the pool are for condo guests only, but the bar and restaurants are open.
Players must be at the beach no later than 9:30am, the earlier the better. Please check in at the red tent and get your team shirt.
· We’ll go over the format, rules and schedule just before 10:00. All first round matches will take place at either 10:00 or 10:30 sharp.
· There will be two bars on the beach selling discounted cervezas, margaritas, soda and water as well as a local taco stand selling inexpensive carne asada tacos and quesadillas.
While you play
· Basic rules: Each game is 25 minutes switching goals after 12 minutes, no halftime. There is no offside, each re-start is kicked no throw-ins. Goalkeepers either throw or kick ball on the ground to re-start, no punts.
· No shoes, socks are ok and encouraged as Sandy Beach, despite its name, can be a little course.
· If you're like us, you're excited about the World Cup, which will start on Friday. Chango’s will be showing the US v England match on Saturday. Chango's is a 5 minute walk from the beach. Please make sure you’re back on the beach at least 10 minutes before your next match.
· 4 players plus a goalkeeper are on field during play, substitutions can be made whenever and as often as you want.
· Each team has a minimum of 2 games. Please be on time and know when your next match is.
· Tunes will be playing on a PA system throughout the day.
· Awards for 1st and 2nd place will be given right after final match scheduled for 2:00pm.
· Please make sure you throw your trash out and pick up your stuff before leaving.
· Pace yourselves…
Thank you Four Peaks Brewery, Chango’s, Sunset Cantina, Max’s Café, Mercedes Rusticos, Xochitl’s Cholla Bay, Heffernans/Realty Executives, Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine and Head Out to Rocky Point Shuttle.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Angie Stevens added to JJ's lineup!

Colorado singer-songwriter Angie Stevens has been added to the lineup at JJ's Cantina for PH's annual Hot Dog & A Smile charity fundraiser. She'll join The Railbenders, Jason Boots and Random Karma. And she'll be back at JJ's for more during the mañanathon on Sunday!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome Smith Optics!

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers are happy to have Smith Optics as one of this year's sponsors for Circus Mexicus!

Give Your ID Card to the Border Guard

We realize there are probably a few of you who neglected to apply for or renew your passport or passport card.


But you need a valid driver's license AND a receipt proving that you have purchased a passport and it's "in the mail," but you just didn't get it in time for Circus Mexicus.

On June 1, 2009, U.S. citizens crossing the border were required to present either a passport, passport card, Enhanced Driver's License (EDL), or Trusted Traveler Program Cards. Recently, however, on his way back from Rocky Point, Roger stopped at the Lukeville Port of Entry and talked about his I.D. card with the border guard. According to them, you can STILL cross the border as long as you have a valid driver's license along with a receipt showing that you have applied for a passport and paid for it. We still would advise everyone to get a passport or passport card and not rely on your driver's license each year. But for next week, it appears a driver's license and receipt is all you need.

Circus Mexicus weekend promises to be the biggest RCPM fiesta of the year. You won't want to miss it. Make your plans now to attend Circus Mexicus 2010!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AMMEX Mexican Auto Insurance

Our good friends at, one of this year's Circus Mexicus sponsors, are ready to help you with all your Mexican auto insurance needs before you drive down to Rocky Point for Circus Mexicus weekend, June 11-13. We highly recommend you get Mexican auto insurance if you plan on driving while in Rocky Point.

As a bonus, everyone who gets their insurance from AMMEX between now and June 10 will be entered for a drawing for two VIP passes to RCPM's concert in Puerto Peñasco on June 12.


Circus Mexicus banner winner

Jill Tait Knudson is the winner of our CM banner contest for her incredible banner in front of 55,000 U.S. soccer fans in Philadelphia! Jill has a table at JJ's Cantina waiting for her and her friends a week from Friday.

RCPM Rock and Soccer Team #1

RCPM Rock and Beach Soccer Featured Team of the Day is…


Spearheaded by the brains behind bringing a Circus Mexicus banner to the US National Team game in Philadelphia over Memorial Day weekend in front of 55,000 people, boasts the most non-Arizonan Gringos of any team in the tournament. They hail from places like Maryland, Michigan and Colorado and rumor has it, cumulatively has attended over 673 RCPM shows to date in 5 countries. They’ve got a good mix of experienced soccer players, experienced drinkers and has the youngest participant who’ll no doubt run circles around those who still haven’t bothered to train yet.

They are sponsored by Head Out To Rocky Point founders Mike and Lynelle who have been going down to Rocky Point for years. In fact, they enjoy it so much they used their passion for Arizona’s Beach to start a shuttle service that picks you up (including Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport!!!!) and takes you to wherever your destination is in Rocky Point. You let them know when you’re ready to come home and they’ll take you back worry and stress free. Mike and Lynelle haul lots of Peacemakers down together throughout the year, so don’t hesitate to give them a call at 866-443-2368 or email at . Thanks for supporting those who help make Circus Mexicus happen each year. Buena suerte amigos!

Brian Donnelly

Tom Syvertsen

Dan Knudson

Scotia Knudson

Andrew Gapin

David Boire

Chris Barrier

Mike Minnis

Melissa Cain

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next team announcement and get to the Circus Mexicus Pre-Party at Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe Thursday June 10th to talk smack!