Friday, August 26, 2011

"Blondie" is being retired

“Blondie”1976 Fender (US-Made) Telecaster

Here for sale to a good home is my beloved 1976 Fender Tele, affectionately nicknamed ‘Blondie.’ I purchased this guitar in 1996 just after The Refreshments began a US tour in support of “Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big and Buzzy.” Throughout much of that tour and many afterwards, she was my “go-to” guitar. It’s a really heavy piece, (a little over 10 lbs.), but also extremely durable. Like all my guitars, I bought her because she has a sturdy frame and can handle my very physical playing style. She’s set up with 13-56 gauge strings (wound .26). I had the factory machine heads replaced with original “West” German Schallers and now she rarely needs tuning, even during the most kinetic of shows. I had the neck pickup changed, but can’t recall if it’s a DiMarzio or a Seymour D. It sounds clear as a bell, whatever it is. And I personally switched her pick-guard from white to a much-more stylish tortoise-shell. She’s definitely got her fair share of war-wounds, but they’re all well-earned and make her voice none the worse for wear. She’s still a great guitar, but I’ve had to rely on lighter guitars for our long shows and long tours.

This is the guitar I played in the “Banditos” video, filmed in 1995 at Papago Park in Phoenix (directed by David Dobkin of “Clay Pigeons” and “Wedding Crashers” fame. The sheriff in that video is played my dad, Doc Clyne, by the way!)

This is probably the guitar I’ve been seen playing (in video and/or on-stage) more than any other. It’s a little sad we part, but she’s not ready to be out to pasture just yet and I’m sure she’ll go to someone who will let her out of the stable a little more than I do.

I’m going to give her one more ride in Las Vegas this Labor day (9/3/11) when PH and I (two original Refreshments playing now in RCPM) and the band play “Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy” from start to finish as our opening set. We’ll go for one last gallop in my red Converse and bad Hawaiian shirt. Then I can let her loose.

Happy Trails!

Roger Clyne

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Magnificent Seven II


A few months ago, we asked you to pick 7 songs that best represented what RCPM was all about if you were going to introduce the band to new fans. The result was the Magnificent Seven, which can still be downloaded for free at Peacetime Goods.

Now, Roger, PH, Jim and Nick want to once again give away what they want to receive: great music for great fans! RCPM again would like your input on deciding what songs should go on the Magnificent Seven II. For one week, we will take your votes on our web pages for the 7 songs you think best represent the band if you were trying to introduce RCPM to a new fan.

A few guidelines to follow when voting: These should be 7 songs NOT on the first Mag 7. We are not allowed to give away songs from The Refreshments catalog for free, so no Freshies tunes por favor. We have new music to choose from this time, so don't forget Unida Cantina when considering your song selection.

As a reminder, the songs on the first Mag 7 were:

Maybe We Should Fall In Love
Mekong (Real to Reel version)
Green and Dumb
Beautiful Disaster

Voting closes on Aug. 19.

Gracias, Peacemakers!