Thursday, December 29, 2011

January Jam and Roger Solo at Wrecked at the Reef

Happy Holy Days, Peacemakers!

We are very pleased to announce that tickets for January Jam V @ JJ's Cantina on January 28th are on sale now! The tradition started five years ago and instantly became one of the most popular RCPM concerts of the year. It's time to relax, re-Clyne, let the dials turn counterclockwise and celebrate life through rock-n-roll in Rocky Point. The seaside show starts at sunset, see you there!

And this year, there's more...

In addition, we are excited to announce Roger's first-ever solo acoustic show in Mexico on Friday Night. No doubt Roger will sip and sing, ramble and reminisce, and tell tall tales about his tunes. This special performance will be indoor at Wrecked at the Reef on Sandy Beach. The one year old, recently renovated Wrecked at the Reef has a full kitchen and bar, couches and barstool seating, and a warm and classy atmosphere. They have created the first-ever Shrine of Mexican Moonshine and even offer shots in their authentic carved wood confessional! Catch this candle-lit concert overlooking the Sea of Cortez. Only 400 seats will be available. Tickets to the solo show, Roger Clyne Solo en México, are on sale now.

Monday, December 26, 2011


I am Captain Suburbia. I live in an 60-year-old suburban neighborhood. We have sidewalks on each sideof old, wide streets, big trees, lots of kids of all-ages on the block, and cool adult neighbors who spend lots of time chatting in our front yards and are always free to borrow butter, the toilet snake, or bum a bottle of wine.

We also have one hermit-of-a-man who, around the same time every weekday, apparently after work, drives slowly down our street and never looks sideways. His door is shut on Halloween, we don’t see him at parties, he hangs no lights during the Holy days, and he never waves back.

One of my young sons waves at him every day. He has for years.

I’ve seen it hundreds of times; we hear the distant rumble of the diesel truck, it looms into view, I watch my son stand and wave, the man’s gaze fixed-forward, no wave back, the truck turns the corner. The rest of us, kids and adults alike, don’t wave anymore.

I stopped because I didn’t want to appear confrontational and I didn’t want to feel foolish or slighted anymore.

I’ve thought to ask why my son continues to wave, but know his reasons are clearer in his heart than could be articulated to me. I don’t ask because to him, it’s just what you do; no need for second thoughts or rational justification to you, Dad.

As a protective parent, I don’t want his heart broken or his spirit worn. Not in front of me, not this young, not in my front yard. Still, I don’t ask why he waves.

So again, yesterday as we hear the rumble of the truck, my son hurries down from the tree in the front yard, stands in plain view in the middle of the lawn, we see the truck, my son waves…

At the last moment, just before the truck passes, the man turns his head, and wearing the faintest ghost of a grin, he and waves back.

My son looked back at me, shrugged his shoulders a little, and smiled. Not a big, toothy, triumphant victory smile, but a small, simple smile; the kind you see when people are happy. This I saw through misty eyes.

I don’t know if that man has anyone to go home to, to call him, to celebrate with, with whom to spend his precious time. But I do know that he knows he’ll always have someone who will wave to him.

I am lucky enough to declare that each Yuletide season has been better than the last, but everyone I know and everybody knows that the Holidays came and went too fast,….again. I’m not ready for it to be over. I don’t want to take the lights down, turn off the holiday music, remove the tree, get out my pajamas, blow out the candles, shave…and I should wave more, again.

It is through the desire to continue to live in the Spirit of the Season, that we in my neighborhood have declared the post-season “¡Christmas-Más!” And so we invite you to give the best of yourself, spend a little more time in your PJs, and enjoy celebration without obligation to give material things. We invite you to carry on in the Spirit of the Season and continue to wave to everyone, regardless of what they have or don’t have to return.

Happy Holy Days and Christmas-Más,

Roger Clyne

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It's been an exciting and almost surreal year for RCPM, and we still have three more incredible shows to go in 2011!

It's been a year filled with the release of a new studio album, setting a new world record for sombrero wearing, one of the longest Circus Mexicus concerts ever, broken down buses, cramped RV rides, long hot days in Texas, Diamondback baseball fever, and Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big and Buzzy played from start to finish for the first time ever.

And the year isn't over yet!

Coming up Dec. 23, start your Christmas weekend with the biggest holiday party in Denver. It's Tinsel and Tequila with Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers and The Railbenders at The Ogden Theatre. When these two bands get together, you never know what songs will be played. Grab a glass of Egg Nog, or Mexican Moonshine, and join us in spreading holiday cheer.

Then it's a return trip to Flagstaff and The Orpheum for RCPM, with a special appearance by The Jons.

The next night, ring in the New Year at Scottsdale's Ultimate Block Party with RCPM.

You, the fans, have stuck with RCPM through the highs and lows of 2011. Let's end the year with high vibrations, good spirits and a little Mexican Moonshine at the final three RCPM shows of the year!

Here's to life,