Monday, June 27, 2011

Roger Clyne guest bartender at Salty's!

"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it." ~Russel Baker

Our legendary Sonoran Summer swelter is in full swing.

Tomorrow will be as hot as today. Maybe hotter. Sunset is at 7:42. But the mercury isn't going to drop below 100 degrees until after midnight!

To chill the savage beast, I'll be dropping by the Salty Señorita in Scottsdale Thursday evening to stand in at the cantina and sling sweet relief in liquid form. Join me for some happy hours of thirst-slaking specials on cold cervezas and frosty Mexican Moonshine margaritas. (Yes, ice-water available on request, too.) Come, wear your shades and your sombrero, stay cool, and celebrate our sizzling Sonoran Summer together with your fellow parched and proud Peacemakers at the Salty Señorita, Scottsdale!

Hasta there,

Event: Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine Wrap Event at Salty Senorita Old Town featuring a guest bartending appearance from Roger Clyne.

When: Thursday, June 30, 5pm.

Roger will be sampling Mexican Moonshine Reposado Tequila, shaking up Salty Senorita margaritas and signing autographs. Tickets to RCPM's upcoming show on July 30 at The Foundry in Phoenix will also be given away that night!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

That microphone...that microphone....THAT microphone...

...And that camera, that camera, and THAT's all about you guys and we want you to bring 100% of your energy!

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers are very excited to announce that this weekend, the 20th Circus Mexicus celebration will be filmed for a live DVD!! A film crew will be capturing CMXX events all weekend long, from PH's Hot Dog & A Smile at JJ's, to the Rock and Soccer tournament, to the main concert Saturday night and the Mañanathon at JJ's on Sunday.

RCPM has another 44+ song marathon set list planned, so Pace Yourself!

If you see a cameraman or if one steps in front of you for a few seconds to get a shot, please be courteous to them. Also know that by attending any Circus Mexicus event this weekend, there's a good chance your face will be on the DVD later. So wear your best sombrero, flash your best smile and sing as loud as you can! (And if you don't want to be filmed, just wave the camera man off, no problemo).

CMXX will be the biggest and best Circus Mexicus fiesta yet, and it's all going to be captured on film!! And this time, (knock wood!) there's no rain in the forecast!

Join RCPM, Aaron Beavers and Shurman, The Hickman-Dalton Gang, Jason Boots, Tramps & Thieves, Random Karma and Gooder for a weekend you'll always remember, both in your memories, photo albums and later on DVD.

Gracias Peacemakers!
We'll see everyone Friday night at JJ's!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chango's VIP


CMXX is now just a few days away! Saturday night's concert with Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, with special guest Shurman, is once again happening in the lot next to Chango's.

Chango's is offering VIP packages again this year for fans. A VIP pass gets you admission to the concert, a free shot of tequila from Chango's, secure parking and access to the VIP area of the concert. All of this will be for sale for $50. VIP passes can be purchased at Chango's. They will give you a wristband to the show and a wristband so you can go back to Chango's and not pay a cover charge. House band Rojo will keep the party going after RCPM are done.

If you already have a ticket to the concert but would like VIP treatment, you can still buy a VIP wristband at Chango's for $20.

Parking will also be available for non VIP patrons at the same location for $5.

Come sit side-by-side in the cantina, talk to señoritas and drink cold beer at Chango's on Saturday night.

Ammex Mexican Auto Insurance


The smell of fish tacos while kicking back next to the Sea of Cortez while drinking a margarita mixed with Mexican Moonshine is right around the corner.

To help get you ready for CMXX, we want to give you a couple of reminders:

1) Make sure your passport or passport card is updated and in order.

2) If you plan on driving in Mexico, make sure you get Mexican auto insurance before you leave.

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers are happy to be working again this year with Ammex Insurance. They represent the most reputable Mexican insurance companies and have a U.S. phone number for customer service in case you need help filing a claim.

Check out Ammex for the best prices on Mexican auto insurance. You can fill out a form online at and avoid waiting in lines at the border to purchase insurance!

We'll see everyone at CMXX!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rock & Soccer II, promotions and rosters!

Friday night, it's PH's Hot Dog & A Smile Charity BBQ with The Hickman-Dalton Gang, Jason Boots, Random Karma and Tramps and Thieves.

Saturday, a lot of you are going to be getting up early to play in the Rock & Soccer II tournament and many of you will be coming to watch.

Wrecked at the Reef will be opening early Saturday and have just what you need to start your day off right! They'll be providing a special breakfast menu and Bloody Mary bar. Mexican Moonshine promotions will also be available throughout the day as well as street tacos and a special beer tent. Remember everybody, Pace Yourselves! Mix in a little non-alcoholic beverage once in awhile too. it’s going to be a long day followed by a long night with RCPM and Shurman.

There will be live music at the soccer tournament all day by La Merca.

Games start at 8:30 sharp! Players need to bring their own socks if they want to wear socks...which we highly recommend. The sand can get quite hot by the afternoon. Need socks? Check out No sand shoes. If you have tents or umbrellas, bring them!

Now, the moment some of you have been waiting for....the teams!!

Here are the teams competing. Some teams have incomplete rosters for now as the captain reserved a spot and promised to fill in names later. There will likely be some spots open with last minute travel changes, so if you'd like to play, show up Saturday morning to see if any teams have extra jerseys to fill. Remember, there's no guarantee you will play, but you can at least show up and give it a shot.


Myra Winterburn - C

Carleigh Erickson

Mingo Musser

Forrest Erickson

Jonathan Roland

Jay Musser

Marc Musser


Lindsey Monti - C

Danielle Tinker


Brian York







John Teefy - C

Daniel Erlandson


Tracey Meyer

Karen Brown

Margie Merrill

Emmet DeGuvera

Hippie Dom


Annette Albert - C

Jan Delgado

Katrina Delgado

Alexis Delgado

Ray Garcia

Devin Turner

Haley Albert

Taylor Ross

Lacey Albert

Eli Arismedez


Kristy Westfall - C

Christin Kranitz

Russell Salzman

Liz Baltzman

Jamie Steele

Mike McElroy

Tyler Westfall

Michael Macial

Ryan Schroeder


Roger Clyne - C

Carl Bonacci

Eddie Diaz

Allison S

Karin Sullivan

Brooks Knoll

Pat Reavy

Jonathon Fairbanks

Kim Pouland


Tom Syvertsen - C

Todd Reardon

Kat Jones

Dan Knudson

Dain Knudson

Scotia Knudson

Harald Ehrentraut



Derek Passarelli - C

Steve Jones

David Majure

Gary Rivers

Jon Bratspir

Rob Bass


Markus Ruegsegger - C

(this team of superstars had the likes of Mia Hamm and Landon Donovan listed on their roster. I don't think they're playing, but in the event they are, make sure to bring your cameras).


Scott Wolfe - C

Joe Sawinski

Amanda Wolfe

Lisa Delgado

Chris Kantor

Brad Nelson

Alex Ortiz

Tony Lamerouix


Melani Jaskowiak - C

David Boire

Jim Garman


Randy Gahan - C

Brian Heffernan

Steve Sells

Scott Poturalski

Mike Poturalski

Darryl Poturalski

Friday, June 3, 2011

Just ONE WEEK FROM TONIGHT we will be at JJ's eating hot dogs, drinking Mexican Moonshine and dancing late into the evening to the sounds of The Hickman-Dalton Gang, Jason Boots, Tramps & Thieves and Random Karma!!!

CMXX is almost here! It all begins next Friday with PH's Hot Dog & A Smile Charity BBQ.

As you get your lures and bobbers packed for Mexico, a few reminders to help you get ready:

*Make sure your passport, passport card or passport application is in order

*Check our web pages, especially at, if you'd like to caravan to and from Rocky Point.

*If you plan to drive in Mexico, get Mexican auto insurance from Ammex,

*You will be able to buy tickets to CMXX at the gate. But you can save $5 and buy yourself an extra cerveza if you order your ticket at by Tuesday.

We'll see everyone in just one week at CMXX!

Rock & Soccer II

In just one week, the spirit of Sonoran Sand Soccer will come alive again on Sandy Beach in Rocky Point for Circus Mexicus Rock & Soccer II! A huge ¡Muchas Gracias! to everyone who signed up to play this year. Because of your great response, we were able to double the size of this year's tournament to 100 people. This year's field includes players from 4 countries, 9 states and 2 genders.

Players, a few reminders: bring tight fitting socks or go to to order (socks only, no shoes), send a team captain to JJ’s Friday night to pick up jerseys (or we’ll have them for you Saturday morning) and be prepared to meet on the beach in front of Wrecked at the Reef at 8:00 Saturday morning. Each team gets at least 3 games, bring your own water and good spirits.

Fans are also encouraged to stop by and cheer on the teams. Admission is free!

Wrecked at the Reef is providing live rock music from La Merca throughout the day, street tacos and plenty of cold beer and Mexican Moonshine. Wrecked is on the beach between Sandy Beach and Cholla Bay (pretend you're going to JJ's). Look for the only stop sign between the resorts and Cholla, and turn toward the Sea of Cortez where there should be a big sign on the beach.

We’re collecting any gently used soccer equipment for the newly formed Penasco soccer league supported by Mayor Zepeda. Balls, shin guards, jerseys, socks for kids or adults....we’ll take it!

And finally, stop by and say hello to representatives from the Larry D. Large Foundation and check out the incredible work they do for the people of Rocky Point.