Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Glyph

We know you know that a lot of fans like wearing the RCPM glyph, whether it's on a t-shirt or their new tattoo. And many fans enjoy creating their own homemade items. RCPM would like to make this process easier for everyone by providing the official version of the band logo. As long as you do not profit from the use of it, you may use it with our permission. But please note, this is a registered trademark and the glyph does have a top and bottom. The spiral starts at the top. If you need a glyph sent to you in a file format, please email

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rave Reviews for UK Tour; RCPM Ready to Rock Home Crowd

TEMPE, AZ – Fresh off a very successful and satisfying two-week tour of the U.K. where the band’s electric live performances were met with critical acclaim, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers return to the “homeland” for two concerts in Tempe at the Marquee Theatre (730 N. Mill Ave.) Friday, March 26th & Saturday, March 27th at 6:30 p.m. nightly. Roger will be debuting new songs as he is headed to Nashville soon to record with Ray Kennedy.

Tickets for the all ages Marquee Theatre shows with special guests The Wiley One and Tramps & Theives on Friday, March 26th only, and Joe Draper and Random Karma on Saturday, March 27th only are on sale now for $25 at the Marquee Theatre box office and at

The band’s tour of England and Scotland generated excitement and praise among show promoters and music lovers alike. Below is a sampling of some of the feedback RCPM’s visit to the U.K. received:

“Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers arrived at the House of Mercy studio straight from the airport, and their passionate hard road musicianship showed from the first note…These guys are top players and knew how to rock!!! We have been playing their music for weeks and soon discovered that Roger’s fan base is very active. We received more thank you mails than any other artist for a long time. Now I have seen them play live I understand where this loyalty comes from. This band sounds great on record but live they reach new heights. This is a classic good time…great songs, party band, they leave you up-lifted, full of positive energy and you know you've had a real good time. Roger & his merry band are always welcome at the House of Mercy.” - Barry Marshall-Everitt (House of Mercy radio show host/show promoter)

“I said to my friend at the East Grinstead gig where we had front row seats: ‘This is as good of a rock 'n’ roll band as you can get!'…RCPM is really a top notch band. Most importantly, this is what my audience thinks. So well done.” - Bernard Tuck (promoter of private gig)

“Keep up the brilliant work…really enjoyed it…It was a great way to start the week off.” - N. and A.N. (private gig attendees)

“Feedback from guests was they all thoroughly enjoyed the music and the evening. Probably the best for me so far.” - D. S. (private gig attendee)

“I thought Roger Clyne & Peacemakers were great, as did my son. Very professional and well rehearsed with loads of great songs.” - M (private gig attendee)

“Very good and very tight as a group and as per usual I’ve got the CDs at home and in the car.” - A.M. (private gig attendee)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Spring Letter from Señor Clyne

Middle March, 2010 A.D.
Dear Happy and Important Person,

I write you from my backyard. It’s sandals weather again here in Arizona. I put on shorts today for the first time (off the soccer field) in 2010. I’m almost through the fog of jet lag and my feet have finally dried off and thawed out. Though, I must admit, I was not really fond of the idea of having to leave the bloom and buzz of Spring’s arrival in the Arizona desert to visit the damp, grey, cold UK, our tour of the UK was great.

Our little tour van had no insulation on the floor (and the steering wheel was on the wrong side!), so from the time I got off the plane in London until I landed back in Phoenix, my feet were damp and cold. The British Isles had a soggy chill that got into this desert son’s bones and took awhile to thaw.

But that was really the only cold we felt. Though I saw (no kidding) a total of about 3 hours of sunlight in 3 weeks, and the air was cold and wet, the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish audiences were warm and welcoming, the food was hearty and good, and the cities were a unique combination of ancient and modern and bustling and mysterious. I’d like to send out a very special thanks to all our American fans and friends who made the trip across the Pond, attended the shows and demonstrated to the Euro-audiences how to rock and roll, American style! You all really helped us break the ice.

We saw castles, the Tower of London, dungeons, the North Sea, Stonehenge (!), hedgerows, lots of sheep and very large hogs, Roman walls, the Moors, ancient battlefields, lots of football (soccer) games, Jim and I each drank about 100 pints of tasty ales, I tried all the local fare I could find including bangers and mash, fish and chips, shepherds pie, I actually drank whisky (Scotch single malt something-or-other…yes…when in Glasgow…), and I even ate haggis. I truly enjoyed every moment and am looking forward to RCPM’s next tour of the UK.

I am glad to be back in the good ol’ U S of A, in my beloved Sonoran Desert, and in my own neighborhood and backyard where I can find Mexican food, coffee (enough tea already!), tequila and strum my acoustic guitar from the comfort of my own hammock. And it’s time to give the big winter boots a rest and take the flip flops out for a spin.

Other stuff:
RCPM will be traveling to Nashville to begin recording a new album on April 7th with Ray Kennedy. I’ve admired Ray’s production work from afar for many years now and am very excited to work with him. He has won 3 Grammys and has produced albums with and for some very illustrious artists including, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Sheryl Crow, Waylon Jennings, and a couple of my very favorite more-obscure artists, the V-Roys and Six String Drag. Truth be told, I’m kinda nervous. We’ll be rehearsing quite a bit before we depart AZ to record and we plan to put a few of the new songs on the set list at the Marquee Theater shows (3/26 & 3/27). We hope to give the songs our hometown’s blessing before we put them on tape.

What else?
I don’t personally blog or Twitter or FaceBook very much. My modus operandi is to write long and rambling letters. However, trivium without context can be fun. So here’s some miscellaneous spring-time mental detritus from me to you.

Spring begs for margaritas. I may have said it before, but the best margarita around can be found at a family Mexican food restaurant called “3 Margaritas.” It’s on Rural road in Tempe. Order the “original” and bring a designated driver if you’re planning on more than 1. I ride my bike.

Battles with Nerf dart guns are fun. The weather is a bit too cool yet for water balloon fights, so until it warms up, get your friends, kids, parents, nieghbors together in a friendly front-yard melee. It’s good exercise and good clean fun in the sun. Our neighborhood will switch to H2O balloons and squirt guns when mercury rises to about 90º.

I love soccer and am conspiring with our cantina-owning friends to host a beach soccer tournament-for-charity at our next Circus Mexicus. It’ll be an “everyone’s invited, co-ed, don’t take it too seriously, have fun” kind of tourney. The tide swings are going to be extreme that weekend so we’re in the process of making sure the “fields” won’t be underwater. Stay tuned.

There’s a bee in my coffee.

This Spring, I am making another attempt to finish “Don Quixote.”

Speaking of tilting at windmills, I still pursue the dream of one day sharing with those amongst you who enjoy tequila, a vivifying, ambrosial, recipe we can call our own. We’re making our way, little by little. Again, please stay tuned.

The same bee, or one that looks very similar to the aforementioned bee, is in my coffee cup. It’s after noon, anyway. Time to switch beverages….something sandal-worthy…


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Marquee, March 26 & 27

Already this year, RCPM has rocked the UK and JJ's Cantina. But now its time to get back to the dusty Mexican borderlands!
Roger, PH, Jim and Nick are ready and anxious to deliver two nights of full-throttle, high-octane, tequila soaked rock-n-roll to the hometown crowd, March 26 and 27 at the Marquee Theatre.
As a special bonus for those who come, you will have the opportunity to be the first on your block to own Circus Mexicus tickets! Tickets for Circus Mexicus 2010 will be sold at the Marquee for only $25. There will be a limit of four tickets per person, per show. Starting April 1, tickets for CM will be available to everyone at Peacetime Goods for $30. They will be sold in Rocky Point on the day of the show for $35.
Circus Mexicus, sponsored by Chango's Bar and Grill, is June 12. Special guests that weekend include Colorado's infamous Railbenders and Eddie Spaghetti of the equally infamous Supersuckers.
In addition to Circus Mexicus tickets, Peacetime Goods will be having a sale on RCPM items both nights inside the Marquee at the merch booth.
Lots of great things happening at the Marquee at the end of March. Don't miss this chance to give a huge homecoming welcome to RCPM and get your tickets for Circus Mexicus!

Thanks all!

Friday, March 12, 2010

RCPM: The UK Files Vol. 1

You've heard the rave reviews from those who were there. Now see for yourself why RCPM created such a buzz in the UK for two weeks in February!
Jason Boots chronicled RCPM's UK adventure with his camera and has put together a series of videos which will be posted on our You Tube page and all our other web pages over the next few weeks starting today.
The first tour of the United Kingdom was truly an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.
If you saw a show you really liked, we'd love to hear about it, and so would the rest of the UK. The reviews that fans have been leaving on various websites have been fantastic! Please keep it up. Those websites are listed at the bottom.
Smart Choice Music ( is currently the only place you can buy official UK tour T-shirts and posters. These souvenirs from RCPM's first ever UK tour are sure to be collector's items, so get yours now before they're gone!

RCPM UK Files Vol. 1

Gracias Peacemakers!
Anyone with review blogs can go to and join up.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

JD Solo Show


Before RCPM takes the stage March 27th at the Marquee Theatre, guitarist extraordinaire Jim Dalton will warm up with a solo acoustic show at Suckerpunch Sally's Old School 24 hour Diner at the corner of University and Mill, right next to Arizona State University.
If you've ever seen Jim in a laid back setting, either with his good friend and fellow Mile High resident Johnny Hickman, or just by himself, you know the set list is completely unpredictable and he could play just about anything. At last count, JD knows something like 578,765 songs.
So if you're looking to get a bite to eat before the show and want to hang out and hear Jim play a few songs, show up at Suckerpunch Sally's. Show time is going to be about 6 pm.

Gracias all,

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spread the Word: RCPM Rocked The UK!

Hola Peacemakers!

In February, RCPM packed their panchos, sandals and derby hats and embarked on a two week tour of the United Kingdom, their first ever. While the band was very excited about their latest adventure, there was also some anxious anticipation about what to expect and how they would be received.

Now, the boys are back in the U.S., the tour is completed and we don't know if they could have asked for anything more. For 12 shows in 11 cities, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers were greeted by enthusiastic crowds...some from the U.S., some from the UK and other parts of Europe, and some who knew nothing about their music...who brought an incredible energy and vibe to every room, every night!

Here are some of the many comments we've received on our web pages:

"I can truly say that this was the best show of my life so far. Just awesome....You guys simply rock in all respects."

"Thanks for coming to Bristol, you were so awesome I still haven't recovered four days later!"

"East Grinstead gig was great :) I was there at grub, you guys are brilliant :)"

"I have to say that the show in Brighton was the best I've ever seen...I am absolutely amazed about the fans and also the sound was great for that little room....An experience what I will never forget in my life."

We believe these shows were truly magical and RCPM appreciates your feedback. But we'd also like the rest of the UK and the world to hear about what RCPM accomplished. So we are asking everyone who was at any of the shows to please submit a review to one or more of the websites listed below. Let everyone know, whether you're a veteran or a new fan, how much fun you had at the shows, how great the music was and how unforgettable of an evening you had. Let's tell everyone why they NEED to see RCPM the next time they are in town!

Gracias, Peacemakers! Thank you as always for your continued support.

RCPM Jenny Bulley is one contact and Phil Alexander is another. When submitting your reviews, please put in the subject line, "FAO Jenny Bulley" or "FAO Phil Alexander." This link should tell you how to send e-mails to each staff member.

Anyone with review blogs can go to and join up.