Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spread the Word: RCPM Rocked The UK!

Hola Peacemakers!

In February, RCPM packed their panchos, sandals and derby hats and embarked on a two week tour of the United Kingdom, their first ever. While the band was very excited about their latest adventure, there was also some anxious anticipation about what to expect and how they would be received.

Now, the boys are back in the U.S., the tour is completed and we don't know if they could have asked for anything more. For 12 shows in 11 cities, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers were greeted by enthusiastic crowds...some from the U.S., some from the UK and other parts of Europe, and some who knew nothing about their music...who brought an incredible energy and vibe to every room, every night!

Here are some of the many comments we've received on our web pages:

"I can truly say that this was the best show of my life so far. Just awesome....You guys simply rock in all respects."

"Thanks for coming to Bristol, you were so awesome I still haven't recovered four days later!"

"East Grinstead gig was great :) I was there at grub, you guys are brilliant :)"

"I have to say that the show in Brighton was the best I've ever seen...I am absolutely amazed about the fans and also the sound was great for that little room....An experience what I will never forget in my life."

We believe these shows were truly magical and RCPM appreciates your feedback. But we'd also like the rest of the UK and the world to hear about what RCPM accomplished. So we are asking everyone who was at any of the shows to please submit a review to one or more of the websites listed below. Let everyone know, whether you're a veteran or a new fan, how much fun you had at the shows, how great the music was and how unforgettable of an evening you had. Let's tell everyone why they NEED to see RCPM the next time they are in town!

Gracias, Peacemakers! Thank you as always for your continued support.

RCPM Jenny Bulley is one contact and Phil Alexander is another. When submitting your reviews, please put in the subject line, "FAO Jenny Bulley" or "FAO Phil Alexander." This link should tell you how to send e-mails to each staff member.

Anyone with review blogs can go to and join up.

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