Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's go down together!

¡Hola Amigos y Amigas!

January Jam III @ JJ's Cantina at Cholla Bay in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico is just about here! It's been a few months since we've all traveled down together, so here are a few reminders for you Rocky Point veterans and some tips for all our new friends joining us for the first time.

The show is SOLD OUT. If you previously purchased tickets on-line, you can pick up your passes Saturday at JJ's starting at noon. No extra tickets will be available at the door.

Traveling to Rocky Point:

· If you haven't been there before and need directions, please check our "Circus Mexicus" page at or our Circus Mexicus Facebook page. Remember, the border is closed at Lukeville from midnight to 6 a.m.

· Don't drive on E. There are plenty of gas stations in the towns on the way to Rocky Point, but not so much in between. The hour drive from Sonoyta to Peñasco, in particular, is nothing but desert. A lot of fans fill their tanks (and make a pit stop!) in Lukeville before crossing the border.

· Caravans and carpools are always encouraged. It keeps everyone safe and no one gets lost! You can meet other fans just like yourself and arrange trips together on the message board at or our Facebook pages.

· If you plan to do any driving any Mexico, we highly encourage you to get Mexican auto insurance.

· A passport or passport card is a must. Don't leave home without it!

Have fun!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Haiti Relief Drive at JJ's


As we prepare for a weekend of fun, fish tacos, Mexican Moonshine and rock-n-roll in Puerto Peñasco, we want to ask everyone to take just a couple of minutes to think about some people who are worried simply about survival.

As all of you know, the situation in Haiti left behind by the earthquake and its aftershocks has been catastrophic. Food, water and shelter are scarce. An estimated 2 million people are now homeless.

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers would like to show what a giving community the Peacemakers are by making a donation to the Red Cross for the Haiti relief effort. We know many of you likely have already made a contribution prior to now. But we ask if you can part with some loose change or just a couple of dollars...the cost of just one would go such a long way to help. We will have clearly marked areas at JJ's Cantina on Jan. 30 during our 3rd annual January Jam for donations. We are accepting cash donations only. Please no perishable food items or supplies at this time.

If you are not going Mexico this weekend but would still like to help, the Grand Canyon Chapter of the American Red Cross has information on its website on how you can donate.

As we raise another round to celebrate life this weekend, let's not forget those less fortunate.

¡Gracias Peacemakers!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Roger in Maverick Magazine


When US indie-rock cult heroes the Refreshments folded in 1998, leaving behind a legacy of two major label albums, a string of hit singles and the theme to the hit animated TV series King Of The Hill; writer, singer and creative force, Roger Clyne must have pondered on the eternal question of ‘where to now?’ The answer was unequivocal; go it alone.

Clyne and Refreshments drummer PH Naffah recruited a guitarist and bass player, formed Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, and set about making their own mark on the musical landscape without the safety net of record company backing. The result? RCPM became the only independent band to debut in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Internet Sales chart for six consecutive albums, including two number one entries. Firmly entrenched in the independent ethos, RCPM are proof positive that quality music does not have to fit into the framework laid down by the major players to survive, and indeed, thrive.

After ten years of being a successful totally independent band I asked Roger what advice he would give to young bands starting out, would he recommend the go it alone route? "There’s no safety net when you operate as an indie. It’s not for everyone. If you want to test your dedication to the Muse, the art, your band, your team, go indie. Otherwise, don’t."

To be continued in this month's issue of Maverick Magazine. Full article written by John Cotten.

Maverick Magazine, a monthly UK publication titled the voice of country, folk, bluegrass and roots music includes a two page feature on Roger Clyne this month. The magazine will be available from Friday 15th January from for just £3.00 plus postage. This issue is also available for pre-order by talking to the team on 01622 744481 or emailing However, if you'd rather pick your issue up off the shelf, it can be found in WH Smiths, HMV and Tesco stores from Thursday 21st January. Also featuring Patty Loveless, Hey Negrita, Leddra Chapman, Bob Lind, Timothy B Schmit, The Bittersweets, and many more, it's an issue not to be missed!!

Hello New Year!


2010 is shaping up to be a huge year for RCPM. Roger, PH, Jim and Nick haven't played a show together since their epic New Year's Eve marathon, and their itching to get back on stage.

What better way to kick off the 2010 touring season than heading back down together to the cantina by the bay where cups and hearts will overflow in the glow of Mexican Moonshine.

Coming up Jan. 30 its January Jam III @ JJ's Cantina. If there are any tickets left the day of the show, they will be sold at the door. But if you don't want to risk being on the outside looking in, order your tickets today!! Tickets have been selling fast and this show will likely sell out.

Tickets can be purchased at Peace Time Goods or by following this link:

Coming up in Feburary, it's RCPM's first tour of the UK. Two weeks of nearly nonstop shows that will take the boys through London, Brighton and up through Glasgow and Edinbugh.

RCPM returns to Puerto Peñasco June 12 for the biggest Peacemaker party of the year, Circus Mexicus 2010!

More details about Circus Mexicus, as well as information on the UK tour, will be posted at

RCPM's official Facebook and Twitter pages will also be great places to keep track of the band as they set out to tour 50 states, Mexico and the UK. A special Facebook page has been set up for all things UK tour and a similar Facebook page will be set up soon where you can find answers to all your Circus Mexicus questions.

Gracias Peacemakers!

Viva 2010!