Monday, January 25, 2010

Haiti Relief Drive at JJ's


As we prepare for a weekend of fun, fish tacos, Mexican Moonshine and rock-n-roll in Puerto Peñasco, we want to ask everyone to take just a couple of minutes to think about some people who are worried simply about survival.

As all of you know, the situation in Haiti left behind by the earthquake and its aftershocks has been catastrophic. Food, water and shelter are scarce. An estimated 2 million people are now homeless.

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers would like to show what a giving community the Peacemakers are by making a donation to the Red Cross for the Haiti relief effort. We know many of you likely have already made a contribution prior to now. But we ask if you can part with some loose change or just a couple of dollars...the cost of just one would go such a long way to help. We will have clearly marked areas at JJ's Cantina on Jan. 30 during our 3rd annual January Jam for donations. We are accepting cash donations only. Please no perishable food items or supplies at this time.

If you are not going Mexico this weekend but would still like to help, the Grand Canyon Chapter of the American Red Cross has information on its website on how you can donate.

As we raise another round to celebrate life this weekend, let's not forget those less fortunate.

¡Gracias Peacemakers!


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