Wednesday, June 8, 2011

That microphone...that microphone....THAT microphone...

...And that camera, that camera, and THAT's all about you guys and we want you to bring 100% of your energy!

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers are very excited to announce that this weekend, the 20th Circus Mexicus celebration will be filmed for a live DVD!! A film crew will be capturing CMXX events all weekend long, from PH's Hot Dog & A Smile at JJ's, to the Rock and Soccer tournament, to the main concert Saturday night and the MaƱanathon at JJ's on Sunday.

RCPM has another 44+ song marathon set list planned, so Pace Yourself!

If you see a cameraman or if one steps in front of you for a few seconds to get a shot, please be courteous to them. Also know that by attending any Circus Mexicus event this weekend, there's a good chance your face will be on the DVD later. So wear your best sombrero, flash your best smile and sing as loud as you can! (And if you don't want to be filmed, just wave the camera man off, no problemo).

CMXX will be the biggest and best Circus Mexicus fiesta yet, and it's all going to be captured on film!! And this time, (knock wood!) there's no rain in the forecast!

Join RCPM, Aaron Beavers and Shurman, The Hickman-Dalton Gang, Jason Boots, Tramps & Thieves, Random Karma and Gooder for a weekend you'll always remember, both in your memories, photo albums and later on DVD.

Gracias Peacemakers!
We'll see everyone Friday night at JJ's!

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