Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tulsa 6/22


Cain's Ballroom has been called the Carnegie Hall of western swing. But the venue also famously hosted the Sex Pistols in 1978, one of only four U.S. shows for the Sex Pistols that year. The show has become a part of rock folklore.

Tonight (6/22), Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers make their mark on the historic venue that today hosts the best in rock, country and alternative music.

We need to get the word out the RCPM is playing tonight. Here's what we need YOU to do: Find a website or message board that is frequented by Tulsa music fans. Make a posting promoting tonight's show. Then send an email to or to tell us about your post. The best one will be invited to visit the merch booth tonight at pick out $25 worth of swag. Postings on any of RCPM's web pages don't count. We want others who may not already be going to the show to hear about RCPM.

Gracias all!

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