Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Circus Mexicus XX/Hot Dog & A Smile/Your CM Memories


Just one month from today we'll be kicking back at JJ's Cantina, eating a hot dog served up by PH Naffah, sipping Mexican Moonshine and listening to Colorado's infamous guitar duo, The Hickman-Dalton Gang, Tramps and Thieves, Random Karma and Jason Boots!

Circus Mexicus XX weekend, which kicks off with PH's annual Hot Dog & A Smile charity event at JJ's Cantina, is just one month away.

We've got a front row table next to the stage reserved just for you, if you can win our latest contest:

This year will be our 20th Circus Mexicus celebration. Starting on the roof of the Sunset Cantina, moving into the dirt lot next door for many years, and now at our current home in the sand next to Chango's, we've had a lot of great memories over the years.

We want you to put together a video or slideshow giving us your best memories of celebrating life through rock-n-roll at Circus Mexicus weekend. Was it the infamous rain storm? Was it the year the band dressed in Mariachi uniforms? Tell us!

We want you to put together a 3 minute video, then either post it on our Facebook page or put it on You Tube and post a link to our Facebook wall. The best video will receive a reserved table at JJ's on Friday, June 10.

Please only use pictures or videos that you have permission to use. Do not use copyrighted material or pictures that someone else took that you don't have permission to use.

The deadline is June 1.

Let's see what you've got Peacemakers. Show us your memories of Circus Mexicus as we celebrate nĂºmero XX!!!

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  1. Finding it a challenge a challenge to buy tickets for the May 11th concert in Rocky Point (need 5). Please advise. Thank you

    Kathy Faller