Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Help us make a video for Heaven on a Paper Plate

Spring comes.
Our hemisphere gets its turn to face the sun again.
Life's colors rise to stain the wintry monochrome and 'tis the season to enjoy flip flops, bathing suits, hammocks, BBQs, and the clink of ice in cool drinks!
And such things are always sweetest when shared.

In that spirit, we'd like to share "Heaven on a Paper Plate."
It's the first single from our new album Unida Cantina. The album will be in-stores on April 19th.
But before the album is available, you can download "Heaven" here, gratis. If you enjoy it, share it with someone.

We also want to make a video to accompany this song. It'll be RCPM's first.
If you find you're so moved, please film anything that this song inspires and send it to us.
During the next few weeks, we'll gather what you send us and create a video. Then, together, we'll share it with the World.

Whatever it is, however you see it, wherever you find it, let's share "Heaven on a Paper Plate."

Muchas gracias,
Roger Clyne

Heaven on a Paper Plate Video

Peacemakers, as you gather your ideas and put on your directors' caps for filming your "Heaven on a Paper Plate" footage, we'd like to point out a few guidelines that will help make this project run smoothly for everyone:

*Please do not submit any more than three minutes of video.

*All video should be shot in HD when possible (any iPhone or digital camcorder should be fine).

Gracias y'all! We can't wait to see your fine work!


  1. Where's the download link? I can't find it.

  2. Copy that what Jason said... bring on the download link as my back yard oasis will surely be a part of this wonderful opportunity... thanks, Kelly Klein

  3. Help us. We are hungry for RCPM, but we can't find a paper plate!

  4. Ya killing me here . . . We need some RCPM!!

  5. Jimmer: Where's the link? Am I blind or what?

  6. here's the song download link: