Sunday, January 2, 2011

Long on Miles contest

¡Feliz Nuevo Año!

Happy New Year Peacemakers! RCPM are looking forward to an exciting 2011, including their annual adventure down to Cholla Bay Jan. 29 where fans can let their hearts and cups overflow under the glow of Mexican Moonshine during the January Jam at JJ's Cantina.

Tickets go on sale at Peacetime Goods Sunday! This show WILL sell out, so don't delay in ordering your tickets.

Once again, want to give away a pair of tickets to the person who traveled the most miles to see RCPM play in 2010.

Here are the rules for our Long On Miles contest: count up the most round trip miles you traveled to see RCPM in concert.

Points to remember: You need to list your cities and miles. The miles must be direct - in other words, if you traveled from Phoenix to Vegas, but took a side trip to Los Angeles on your way home, you can only count the direct miles between Phoenix and Vegas.

Also, if you followed the band for several cities on consecutive nights, count the miles from the last city you traveled from.

Your submission might look something like this:

June 12 - Phoenix to Rocky Point: 420 miles (roundtrip)
Nov 11 - Phoenix to Portland: 1335 miles
Nov 12 - Portland to Seattle: 174 miles
Nov 13 - Seattle to Spokane: 279 miles
Nov 14- Spokane back to Phoenix: 1373 miles

The distance from the Lukeville border to Rocky Point we're calling 60 miles.

Obviously those who went on both the UK tour and to Mexico once or twice last year are going to have the upper hand in this contest.

Be honest about the shows you attended. Even though we can't keep track of every person who goes to every show, we do have a good idea of who most of the regular road warriors are.

Entries are due by Thursday!!

Gracias Peacemakers. And THANK YOU to everyone who came out and saw even one show in 2010. Without you fans, RCPM couldn't continue doing what they do.

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