Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Roger!


It's not yet noon and I've been flooded with birthday wishes from family, friends and, of course Peacemakers!
I don't know how many of you knew it was my birthday, but I wanted to say "gracias!
(I've never gotten so many "old man"s and "viejos"!!!! but I guess they're apropos).

Here are my big plans to celebrate another lap around the sun:
I got up before dawn and watched the sun rise from my treehouse (still under construction, just began building it day after Thanksgiving),
marveled at the brightness of Venus,
read some passages from "Vox Clamantis en Deserto" by Edward Abbey,
drank a lot of coffee,
walked the kids to school then walked my dog,
brewed more coffee,
put mariachi music on my stereo, turned it up loud,
began working on a set list for the January Jam (requests anyone?),
checked e-mail, voicemail, texts; found lots of Happy Birthday wishes,
wrote this "gracias backatcha!!"

Later I will likely:
contemplate mortality,
finish the set list, send it to the rest of the band for input/approval,
work on cover art for the new album,
have lunch on a patio in the sun somewhere close-by,
only briefly debate whether or not to enjoy a cerveza and/or margarita,
read some "Don Quixote" in the treehouse (still haven't finished it...the book or the treehouse),
contemplate mortality,
find an open field and kick the soccer ball around for an hour or so... probably solo,
work on the treehouse,
have a nerf-gun battle with kids after school,
enforce/help with homework,
watch the sun set from the treehouse,
contemplate mortality,

...don't know after that....

....light candles, burn incense, try not to weep from gratitude in public, etc., etc., etc.

Another good day.
I hope yours is marvelous, too.
Muchas gracias and
Peace be with you all,

Roger Clyne


  1. "enfore/help" ... nice. I know that feeling.

    All the best senor Clyne!

  2. Happy Birthday Roger.
    As far as requests go, it would only be appropriate to hear Pancho & Lefty and Ashes of San Miguel when we are south of the border. Two songs that touch on loss and the fact that as painful as it may be, life does and must go on. We have been reminded of these two aspects in recent days here in Arizona. We have reverence for death but promise to celebrate life. Salud Birthday Boy!

  3. Your music has helped me through some rough times and joined me through some really good times.

    Happy birthday brother

  4. u gotta play buffalo man! Im on my 28th show, I'm a nieghbor of ur moms and I haven't heard it yet? help a brother out

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Roger! Looking so forward to JJ's. First time there but have been to Circus Mexicus many times. Would love for you to play "Feeling"! There is just something about that song that makes us happy. We live in Tucson and have been trudging through the mud trying to get through the mess of January 8th. Explaining something so senseless to our children has been a challenge. So when conversation gets too serious, we turn on "Feeling". See you soon!
    Salud. The Nenons

  6. La luz extrana, la luz cada dia arancan las vidas de estrellas tan brillantes de nuestros mundos. Ni estrella, ni modo, ni carnal en la manana suave del sol. Pero las penas o mariscos, cualquieres, acaba la luz de vida de nuestro cancion final. Por una amiga que se murio veinteun anos pasados en la calle a los penascos quiero a las mexicus una cancion mas reflectiva, mas junta con ella. Si quieres, puedes jugar 'switchblade' por Anna Arias por favor a las once de junio.

    Y como tan suerte puede a tu balón de fútbol de tu cumpleanos encontrar a una niña porque ellas son las luces de nuestros mundos.
    Lo siento de mi grammatica espanola y gracias carnal.
    aqui a la vida...

  7. I haven't seen a posting in a while so I hope you still check in. I just wanted to say thanx 4 the years of medicine you've given us with the music you've traced our lives with. I've been a fan since the Sunday on Central days(miss u danny,scott, especially larson) and I've introduced a few friends along the way to the life changing melodies you have created. Roger, you are the soul to an ever evolving body of a musical physician. We thank u RCPM