Friday, July 23, 2010

Roger and Mountainside Fitness

He rocks. He plays soccer. He makes his own tequila. And he does all three very very well.

Now, Roger can add one more item to his list of achievements...the cover of Mountainside Fitness magazine!

He's in the new issue. It's a great article with some great photos.


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  1. Hey Roger!! I teach zumba at the Peoria Mountainside Fitness on Happy Valley RD & Lake Pleasant.... that's so cool my fitness center put you on the front page...Love it...My husband Dave Beauchamp and I listen to you guys and went to see you in Prescott. He's an awesome Bass player and really good too..he knows a good band when he hears it... let him know if you ever need a fill in to help out some night...can't wait to come see you guys play again!!--Check my zumba class out on my youtube Channel...Julie Mountainside