Saturday, July 10, 2010

Play On!

Hóla Peacemakers,

Mañana, I have two very important priorities. Number one, as always, is to give my all and play the best rock and roll show I have in me that night. Number two is to find a TV somewhere in Ferndale, Michigan by noon and watch Spain vs. The Netherlands Final 2010 World Cup Match!

Tomorrow two teams will once again make history. Only one will emerge the match victorious. (I’ll give you a hint who it will be: The nation’s name rhymes with SPAIN!)
Whoever wins, this year’s World Cup has been phenomenal. If you’ve been tuning in, you already know. If you haven’t, please check out the Final tomorrow and find out why football, soccer, fútbol represents so much to so many. To quote from the GOUSABID site,

“It is a game where individuals shine through participation, talent and creativity—but team success results from hard work, sacrifice and dedication to a common cause.

It is a democratic game that requires nothing more than a ball, a patch of ground and the passion to play.

It is the world's game, and America, with its rich diversity, is a uniquely globalized nation. We are the world's melting pot, and we have brought the game with us from every corner of the earth.”

The sport brings people together and brings out the best in both players and fans.
It’s a global unifying force. It undeniably does what I hope our music, in some small way, can do.

So tomorrow, get together with friends, family even strangers and cheer on your team. (The Netherlands will need all the help they can get…!)
If you have or do (or eventually will) enjoy the sport, please consider adding your name to the petition to bring the World Cup to the USA in 2018/2022. I’ve signed on.

I’d like to congratulate and thank our very own Team USA for doing us all proud in this year’s World Cup. Well done, gentlemen. Thank you.

And here’s few words of both gloat and gratitude I’d also like to share.
RCPM’s first annual “Rock and Soccer Tournament” in Rocky Point last month was a ton of fun and, by all reports and measures, a huge success. Together we raised a goodly amount of money for the local charities (all proceeds were donated to the Larry Large Foundation which directs its funds and efforts towards everything from obtaining fire hoses for the city to providing local schools with new windows and lockers) and we all had a great time doing it!

And, yes, it’s true that my team, Mexican Moonshine, took home the Cup (it’s a margarita glass)! Despite any speculation or rumor to the contrary, I do hereby swear that I gave my team no special treatment or advantage in any way. Except that my team was the only one to have odd numbers on our jerseys. Yes, I made every other team play, literally, against the ODDS!
We’ll be back next year to defend our title (I still have about 330 days left of uncontested bragging rights!) and I hope you’ll consider either signing up to play or coming out to cheer on the teams. If demand is high, we may include more teams on more pitches and even create a kids’ tier. Please stay tuned.

I’d like to thank all the players, spectators and sponsors for making our first tourney a huge success for all! (And another giant “muchas gracias” goes out to Greg Ross, the tournament’s coordinator. And all the officials, too!)

Tournament sponsor:
Four Peaks Brewing
Team Sponsors:
Mexican Moonshine
Mercedes Rústicos
Xochitl’s Café
Sunset Cantina
Head Out to Rocky Point
Realty Executives
Max’s Café
Chango's Bar & Grill
Sonoran Sea

Again, muchas gracias!

Watch the World Cup tomorrow!
RCPM will be on tour through the whole month of July.
I hope we’ll see you and we’ll be sharing new music and Mexican Moonshine very soon.
Until then, get together, stay together and play on!


!Viva España!

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