Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Roger's sombrero on Ebay


Many of you, especially those who live in the Phoenix area, are aware of Dog Davis, a fixture on the local music scene for many years.

Dog, who is not only a friend of the band's but their former bus driver, is battling cancer and needs assistance to pay for his growing medical bills.

In an effort to help a friend in need, Roger is putting his sombrero up for auction. You have seen him wear it at countless shows in the past. It has traveled with Roger across the U.S. several times over as well as accompanied him to four Circus Mexicus weekends. It has been passed around and shared many nights by the best rock-n-roll audience on the planet. The condition of the sombrero might be described as "well loved." But it's held together since 2006. And now Roger hopes he can use it one more time to help his friend, Dog Davis.

For more information and to bid on the sombrero, go to:

All of our thoughts and positive vibrations to Dog for a speedy recovery.

Here's to life!



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  1. Cancer sucks! Great of you to step up. I really appreciated the shout out you sent me at a Fort Collins show when I was going through treatment!