Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What ships to Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Dear Happy and Important Person,

RCPM's third annual rock show at the House of Blues in Las Vegas on Labor Day Weekend was a blast! A box of limited edition beer glasses that shipped there had a rockin' good time as well. We figure they probably took to the tables early Friday night, then eased out onto the strip for some fleshy adventures before heading back in and hiding out somewhere in the wings of the House of Blues to catch the Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers show! With too much to drink and not enough to eat, embarrassment was understandable and they stayed hidden until the power of tequila could wear off. Alas, that left them missing in action for the concert goers to appreciate and possibly take back to a good home. That's OK, we all know that "what ships to Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

Check out the new Viva Las Vegas beer glasses that are back in Arizona now and ready to join you in a safe, comfy home environment outside of Sin City! They have the Fizzy Fuzzy Girl printed on them with the American Flag waving back;

Peacetime Goods has also brought the digital downloads home to roost and they are no longer in a different location on the main band website. We are able to bring you all of the recordings that RCPM's label, EmmaJava Recordings has released. Live at Billy Bob's and the two Refreshments titles are available on iTunes for download.

Peacetime Goods

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