Monday, August 31, 2009

Website Changes Coming


The beauty of rock-n-roll is that it's unpredictable. Sometimes, there are situations and factions that work their way into an artist's work, both on and off stage, that the artist has no control over.

But, also in true rock fashion, most artists deal with these situations by licking their wounds and moving forward.

Such is the case with our website. As many of you know, Echo was forced to close its doors, leaving RCPM and other artists without a web host. Keeping up the maintenance on our website hasn't been easy for the past month.

But RCPM is moving on, which is why we're very excited and pleased to announce that MusicCityNetworks have agreed to become our new web gurus. They're a fairly new company. In many ways, they're a ma and pa homegrown company providing a very good service to society. But as you can see from their website,, MCN is already putting together websites for some big name artists, including Brad Paisley, Sara Evans and Lady Antebellum.

The new RCPM website will have basically the same design as the current site. The biggest question I'm sure many of you have is, "When will this happen?" An exact date has not yet been selected. But it likely will be in the very near future, which is why we wanted to start preparing everyone for this. When a date has been picked, we will let everyone know through all of our internet sites (message board, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.).

In the meantime, here's what the switch will mean to you:

All of the old threads and posts on the current message board WILL NOT be carried over. We apologize, but there's just no way to save those. So if you have a favorite post or thread that you want to continue on the new board, copy and save it in a file NOW!

Thank you all for your understanding and patience, and we look forward to learning all of this new material together.

We're very excited about what the future holds for RCPM, and we look forward to what we hope is a long and successful relationship with MusicCityNetworks.


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