Monday, August 24, 2009

RCPM Scavenger Hunt List - with answers

1) Sharpshooting Jim Dalton hits 3 of 4 targets, wins a prize, gives it to a little girl. What did he give her? (stuffed mouse)

2) This fellow Arizona singer joined RCPM at the Chaos at the Cove. Who was it and what song? (Dierks Bentley, American Girl)

3) According to famed documentary film director Jim Dalton, Nick is a what? (Future Saint)

4) Barry Marshall Everitt has an internet radio show based in the UK that recently has been playing RCPM. What is that show called? (House of Mercy)

5) Where does Roger do his laundry in Cincinnati? (Wash and Tan)

6) Roger is featured in what magazine's new issue listing the Best of Arizona? (Arizona Highways)

7) Who thinks RCPM is a "criminally underappreciated" band? (Mark McKay, Country Aircheck Weekly)

8) JD gets lost in what Ohio city? (Cambridge)

9) Jason Boots made his most famous MTV appearance on what show? (MTV Cribs)

10) Right after getting on Central Park West, what monument do Roger and PH pass? (Gate Of All Saints)

11) Jim admits it was difficult to tell Roger not to wear a sombrero during The Making of Fresh Coffee. But wait, what's that lower bumper sticker on the cupboard behind him? (Railbenders)

12) How many 3-pointers can Boots make out of 10? (8)

13) Who made Roger's bike? (Independent Fabrications)

14) What NPR show should pick Turbo Ocho as one of the best albums of the year so far? (All Things Considered).

15) What were the top 2 songs fans voted for in Atlanta? (F&B, Love is the Road)

16) The boys were going to go to a waterpark in Texas, but they got stuck at a local big box store looking at what? (cheap shiny things)

17) RCPM's rock is fueled by pies with glyphs and what movie? (Point Break)

18) During Fender's Circus Mexicus video, what 3 RCPM song snippets are played? (Mexico, Counterclockwise, Down Together).

19) The building behind Boots in Richmond? (Old Dominion Hide and Fur, or just Old Dominion Hide...)

20) The wallpaper for RCPM's Twitter page advertises what event? (Las Vegas show, Sept 5.)

21) At the first ever Circus Mexicus, the electricity wasn't the best. What did PH do to get the amps working better? (unplug an electric beer bottle advertisement. Answer found on Roger's interview with MusicFog from 5/23 at about 2:25 into the interview)

22) The first show Jim Dalton played with the full band as lead guitarist was where? (Austin, Antones)

23) Mexican Moonshine was written by Roger and Andy Hersey during a moment of inspiration at a teepee on the Clyne family ranch and a bottle of what? (bacanora tequila, answer found on

24) Nick is also in the restaurant business. What is his restaurant and what is the exact mailing address? (Pita Jungle, 1431 E. Williams Field Rd. Suite 101, Gilbert, AZ 85295)

25) Who does PH train with? (TriRevolution)

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