Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Hot Dog & A Smile!!

In 2008, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers asked fans to help the children of Esparanza para los Niños. Twice last year, during Circus Mexicus weekend, P.H. Naffah donned an apron, grabbed a bottle of mustard and hosted "A Hot Dog & A Smile," a charity BBQ to raise money for the Puerto Peñasco orphanage so supplies such as baby formula, toiletries and fresh food could be purchased.

We are thrilled to announce that you, the Peace Core, helped raise $11,000 last year for Esparanza para los Niños! ¡Muchísimas Gracias! You guys rock! That money is in addition to the clothes, toys, food and household supplies that many of you donated.

Once again the Peacemaker community has shown why we truly have some of the greatest fans on the planet.

Esparanza para los Niños provides a private, non-profit home to about 30 orphans in Rocky Point. Thank you to everyone, who even in tough economic times in our own country, opened their hearts to help those in need. To learn more about Esparanza para los Niños, go to



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