Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Glow In The Dark

Hóla Peace Core,

RCPM loaded their guitars, drum sticks and amps onto the tour bus once again in 2008 and traveled thousands of miles across North America, delivering night after night the kind of high energy rock show that has become a Peacemakers' trademark. The spirit and vigor of RCPM live was captured on both audio and video during one of the truly standout shows of the year in Teaneck, New Jersey. To commemorate this memorable performance, RCPM wants to raise one more round with fans and celebrate the release of a new live album.

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers are excited to announce the release of "Glow In The Dark," recorded live at Mexicali Blues.

Beginning Monday February 2nd, and continuing for the next 14 weeks, fans will have a unique opportunity to not only hear the show, but watch Roger Clyne, PH Naffah, Steve Larson and Nick Scropos perform a different song, both from the RCPM and Refreshments catalogs, each week. Producer extraordinaire Clif Norrell, the man behind The Refreshments' classic "Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big and Buzzy," as well as RCPM's "No More Beautiful World" and "Turbo Ocho," was also there with trumpet in hand to work his magic on and off the stage.

Similar to last year's Turbo Ocho VivaCast, a page will be set up on our website
( where fans will find one new song from the show as well as the accompanying concert footage, each week. A total of 14 new songs and videos will be posted.

Each song and video will be streaming so you can enjoy them from our site, free of charge. As soon as a new song is posted on our website, it will also be available for purchase in our digital download store. Fans can either buy a new song each week, or at the end of the 14 weeks, the entire "Glow In The Dark" album will be available for purchase at once. "Glow In The Dark" will not be released in standard CD form. "Glow In The Dark" will be a digital download available only through our website.

RCPM fans know there's nothing quite like a live Peacemakers show. We invite you to relive the energy, the excitement and the tequila shots from one 2008's best shows with "Glow In The Dark" starting on February 2nd.

The new album would not be possible without the fine work of Gil Griffith and Wave Distribution, Burl Audio, Elysia, Kooster McAllister and Record Plant Remote. Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Clif Norrell.

Big kudos also to the following folks:

Executive Producer: Gil Griffith
Chief Engineer: Paul Prestopino
Stage Manager: Tyler McAllister
Stage Tech: Jason Turner
Security: Aaron Boyd
Logistics: Teri Matthews


¡Muchas Gracias everyone!

Here's to life!


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