Friday, October 21, 2011

Safe Harbor - To The Sunny Side of the Storm

Hóla Peacemakers,
Though it’s always an exercise in compassion and in community, it’s with far too great a frequency that we all come together to help those in our fold who are in need. For whatever reason, whether we’re in search of prevention and cure for a disease, aiding an orphanage in covering basic expenses, coming to the rescue of abused or neglected animals, or simply helping someone we know with the pressing financial burdens associated with treatment, the Peacemakers’ community has always proved united and generous in supporting others during times of trouble and need.

It is this spirit of fellowship and charity I hope to call upon to help a dear friend of mine and of everyone in RCPM. He’s a sailor (a Captain, in fact), my senior in years, has been an RCPM/Refreshments fan and advocate since before I knew him, is a tireless benefactor and organizer for charity in Rocky Point, Mexico, and is, quite possibly, the most positive human being I know. He’d make me walk the plank if I mentioned his name or if he knew of my designs to help throw him a life-line in these high seas.

Here’s the short of it: he’s got cancer and will be having an operation(s) to treat it very soon. His wife will be by his side throughout the 2 months of treatment and recovery. The good news: he’s a veteran and his treatment will be mostly covered by the VA. The not so good news: their travel, lodging and basic living needs (outside the hospital) during his treatment will not be covered. There’s a secret little fundraising party going on at JJ’s Cantina this Saturday (10/22) at which many of his close friends will be passing the sombrero. Here’s a cyber-link to that sombrero.

I’m going to try to add some attention and hopefully a few more pesos to the good Captain’s sombrero by hosting a few fundraising auctions on e-Bay. I’m parting with some nostalgic little treasures that I have been keeping around; the boots that I wore on the Honky Tonk Union cover, a black leather jacket I sported at our first photo shoot with Jim Dalton, my “World Record Sombrero,” the pancho I wore in an Arizona Highways article/photo, and a few of my silver rings (most of which I bought in Mexico, usually on a pretty good buzz!).

Honky Tonk Union boots

RCPM Pancho

Silver Saguaro Ring

Silver Concave Band Ring

Silver Apothacary Poison Moon Ring

Silver Scorpion Ring

Silver Chief Ring

Many years ago, the Captain accompanied me on my first crossing of the Sea of Cortez that I made in my own little sailboat. On our return trip, we were overtaken by and enveloped in a freak storm with winds that gusted to over 40 knots. We got into what’s known out there as “the Shit.” The whole rig was groaning and creaking and making noises that seemed a promise to fall apart. At some point, in the washing-machine seas of 12 foot waves and troughs, with our jib down, our main triple-reefed, and (I KID YOU NOT, I HAVE WITNESSES) with a contingent of a dozen Pacific Hammerhead Sharks as our escort, the Captain read panic in my eyes and calmly said, “Just take it wave by wave, matey. There’s sunshine waiting on the other side.” He was right. And I hope we may, in some small way, be able to lend a hand in getting him through to the sunny side of his storm.

Gracias Peacemakers. Thanks for your help.
Fair winds and following seas to you,

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