Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roger letter, 7/10

July 10, 2011

Hóla Peacemakers,
I’m writing you from a hotel room in Plano, TX.
The heat here is amazing, literally breathtaking.
We were supposed to be at sound check in Little Rock, AR by now, but, alas, for the second time in a week, we’ve had to cancel another show.
Our faithful, vintage tour bus (“The Stallion”) had her engine seize in Anaheim on I-5 on the first day of our May tour of the Western US. After a month in the shop, her engine repaired, we planned to meet her in Dallas yesterday and move our gear from our vintage 1994 tour van (“Honeybucket”) and trailer and get back on-board our trusty bus. No go.
Yesterday morning, we got the call that our beloved Stallion made it 1400 of the 1425 miles from Anaheim to Dallas, but fell short of the finish line because of another mechanical problem.
We’re staying a few days here in hopes we can get her repaired. (We’re on the hunt for a “miter box” to fit a Detroit Diesel 6V92. Drop us a line if you’ve got one laying around or if you know someone who can rebuild them!)

In the meantime, we found ourselves nearby one of our favorite Texas roadhouses, Love and War, here in Plano. They graciously invited us to come by, have some brisket and beer and play tonight after their Shiner Sunday show wraps up. We’ll go on at 8 and play for a couple of hours. There’s no cover, so if you’re in the neighborhood, come on by. It’ll be a hot one, but there’ll be plenty of cold drinks, rock music, and good company all night.

Since the Stallion’s breakdown in May, we have been consistently, persistently, very generously asked by many, “how can we help?”

Firstly, just showing up is the most important thing. Coming to the shows to support the band, turning your friends on to the music, buying a ticket and a t-shirt, and/or visiting our online merch store, are our bread and butter. Without you at the shows, and without your support on-line, we’d not be able to keep the rock rollin’.
We’ve also fielded a number of requests to set up an on-line repair kitty; a fund that anyone may donate to in order to help with unforeseen and costly bus repairs. For a number of reasons, mostly stemming from pride, I have been reluctant to accept or even address the issue. But with an exhausted repair fund and another big-ticket invoice looming to threaten our tour’s operational viability, I find myself inclined to humbly accept such resolute good-will and persistent generosity. We’ll have a tip-sombrero on stage tonight. Our web-team behind the scenes will set up an account which will gratefully accept on-line donations. If you feel inclined to drop a peso in, we humbly thank you. All tips will go into a fund reserved for repairs only.

It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t throw a peso in the tip-sombrero. Really, it’s the thought that counts. And I’d like to point out to you all that we’re grateful for you, the “World’s Finest Rock and Roll Audience.” Thanks for your kind words, cheers, tequila shots and beers, and for the groundswell of generosity to help keep us on the road. You’re the best.

Muchas gracias and peace be with you,
Roger Clyne


  1. Keep the faith brother! You are an inspiration to more people than you know! My thoughts and prayers are with you. See you in vegas!

  2. RCPM,

    I will gladly spare a few pesos for the save the stallion fund. All in hope that he will someday make his glorious return to Michigan. While turning to friends in time of need can be humbling. Know that the joy your music brings to us peacemakers far exceeds any dollar amount tacked to repair bill. Best wishes. Hopefully you will be back on the road soon

  3. I'll give my pesos to be an amiga of the Stallion Rescue Club! I never want the music to stop, so play on...

  4. "Give away a dollar or two..and find three more along the way!" It's your turn to receive! Count me in as an Amiga of the Stallion Rescue Club!

  5. Godspeed, Roger! Wish I could stop in for a brew and some tunes tonight...Just discovered RCPM thanks to a mutual friend of ours, and I've bought all your discs and a t-shirt too. I'm a Peacemaker for life, and will do all I can to keep you rollin' and rockin'. Cheers, Amigo!