Thursday, December 23, 2010

A letter from Señor Clyne

Dear Happy and Important Person,

The more seasons I am privileged to enjoy, the more aware I become of how true the wise old maxim “time flies” really is.
This entire year, especially this Holy Day season, has hurried by me. Tomorrow has become yesterday so quickly, it seems that time has added rockets to its wings. At least I’ve found I’m not alone. Everyone around me, young and less young alike, is reeling from the rush.

I’ve been planning to write you a letter for some time now, but between perfecting procrastination and actually trying to be productive, that goal through the hourglass. So, I’ll try to keep this brief.

The main reason for my writing you is to express my gratitude for your attention. Your time is precious. It’s something we all literally “spend.”

I believe it is a fundamental human desire that we all want our time on earth, our actions, our existence, to have meaning.
Remember this question:
“If a tree falls in the forest, and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”
I answer with a simple, “yes.” (Why would we be so presumptuous as to insist nothing can exist without our observation?)

So then, if a rock band plays on a stage and no one is there to listen, does it make sound? Yes it does. I know. The question that follows, for me, is, “so what?” Does that sound have any meaning? (Does it have purpose or value?)

The simple act of observation is participatory. Once you’re participating, you’re co-creating. And I believe creation has meaning. We don’t always know what that meaning is in the “grand scheme of things,” but with a little intent, we can make our creation DO something; we can direct it. If all that our creation does is to make someone happier in some way, not necessarily for a lifetime, but even for a moment here and there… that is time well spent. It has meaning.

So if a rock band plays on a stage and no one is there to listen, does the music have meaning? If you’re there, the answer is “yes.” If you’ve spent any time with RCPM this year, whether through video, sound recordings, or being at our live shows, I thank you for your time, for your attention. You lend us our purpose, our value, our meaning. That’s what artists, what all humans, I believe, really desire. Gracias.

Time flies. Let it. We can’t stop it, after all. But by participating, by doing something together, we assure that what time leaves in its wake will have some meaning, some significance, even some beauty.
(So much for brevity!)

Peace be with you,

Yes! RCPM will release a new album in early 2011.
Yes! The January Jam at JJ’s is a GO! (1/29/11).
Yes! I will take my favorite bartender’s advice and experiment with champagne and orange juice in order to create the Mexican Moonshine Mimosa by Christmas!


  1. Great letter. Can't wait for some new music. Merry xmas to the Clyne family and all. I hope everyone has an awesome 2011.


  2. Awesome musings from R.C. Feliz Navidad to you Roger and Family and to the Peacemakers and their Families. You guys ROCK (been a greatful fan for over 16 years). Looking forward to the new tunes. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!