Thursday, October 28, 2010

Survey: Would you buy a bus package to see RCPM on NYE?


RCPM is very excited to ring in the new year in Flagstaff at the Orpheum Theatre! We want to pack the theatre and celebrate life through rock-n-roll with all of our friends. But we also want everyone to celebrate safely. So RCPM wants to find out if you're interested in letting us take wheel? We will handle the throttle AND we'll even steer!

RCPM wants to know how many of you are interested in a bus package from Phoenix to Flagstaff on New Year's Eve? The cost would be about $50 per person. That would NOT include a ticket the show. You will be on your own to get that. But it WILL include drinks and some food.

Specific details about the trip will be released later. Right now, we just want to know if there's enough interest amongst Peacemaker fans to make this happen? Please take a few seconds to go to the following link and vote whether you would take advantage of such a deal if we decide to do it.

A bus trip to Flagstaff and back on New Year's Eve! It's going to be a great evening of friends pouring through the front gates of Orpheum that may last all night!



  1. Do it from Kansas City and I'm in.

  2. Would we stay the night and then come back next day?

  3. Only if my 13 year old can come. she has been going to RCPM shows with me since she was about 5.