Friday, April 2, 2010

Additional Beach Soccer Details

Event details

· Check in for all players 9:30 sharp; First matches begin at 10:00 am, Saturday, June 12 on Sandy Beach in front of the Sonoran Spa Resort. Championship match at 2:00 pm.

· Each team will contain up to 8 players. Entry is $20 per player and includes a team shirt, a drink at Chango’s, awards for 1st and 2nd place and donation to the Larry D. Large Foundation benefiting kids in Rocky Point

· Event is encouraged for adult players and spectators of all ages. Parking available at the Sonoran Spa Resort.

· Got questions? Want to register your team? Contact us at . Space is limited to 8 teams so get your team together and join Roger and fellow Peacemakers on the beach Saturday morning. Never seen beach soccer played? Check out .


· Games are 2 ten minute halves with a 5 minute halftime. 20 minutes running on the beach is different than running to the fridge. Games will start ON TIME.

· In case of a tie after 20 minutes, sudden death penalty kicks from 8 yards will determine winner to keep schedule on time. First kick to be determined by coin flip.

· Each team plays with four field players, one goalkeeper (who will wear a colored jersey) and has 3 substitutes totaling 8 players. Free substitutions are allowed throughout the game.

· No soled footwear allowed. Socks are acceptable.

· Official beach soccer equipment will be used including goals, roped field dimensions of 20 x 30 yards and soft beach soccer balls.

· Double elimination format. Each team is guaranteed at least two games.

· No offside. No throw in. Restarts for ball going out of bounds will be kicked.

· Both teams are responsible to chase down balls going out of bounds for a quick restart.

· Goalkeepers will have an 8 yard zone marked with flags from each touch line to use hands.

· Each free kick will be direct; no indirect kicks. Defensive walls need to be 8 yards from spot.

· The yellow card will be shown by the referee once per player per game for dangerous play or being unkind. The red card means you’re excused for the rest of the tournament.

· By registering, all players accept risk of injury and understand RCPM nor its sponsors are liable for personal injury

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