Monday, November 16, 2009

The Magnificent 7

Dear Happy and Important person,

We know you know the magic of a concert by Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers. There's nothing quite like having every person in the audience singing along to every word Roger sings. How many times have you asked your boss for time off to see RCPM or told your friends you were traveling several hundred miles to see a show? Now, we want your boss and your friends hooked on RCPM too! To do that, we want to introduce new listeners to the music of Roger Clyne. This is where we need YOUR help! The band has given us so many great songs over the years that it's hard for us to narrow down our list of favorites. But if YOU had to choose just 7 songs that best represent the band's musical prowess, what would they be? Which songs do you think showcase the band's splendid musical diversity and would make a good introduction to someone who has never heard of RCPM? Starting today, we want you to go to the link below, find the entry for "Magnificent 7" (Nov. 22) and cast your ballots. The voting will be open for 5 days. After the polls have closed, we will take the top 7 songs, aka the "Magnificent 7," and make them available for FREE download at Peacetime Goods. You may only vote on the songs we have listed. Licensing issues prevent us from giving away Refreshments songs for free. We want to give away what we want to receive: great rock-n-roll in exchange for great fans. Tell us which songs we should give away for free, and help RCPM find new listeners to welcome into the Peacemaker community.


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