Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Letter from Roger!

Dear Happy and Important Person,

I write you during a break in touring. We’re briefly back in Arizona and this morning, PH and I are in my writing room, working on a commercial for Circus Mexicus that will air on Mexican radio. (When we’re done, we’ll post the final version).

As we’re making this radio spot, it occurs to us that, especially in the shadows of headlines of global economic crisis, international drug-related ultra-violence, a world-wide disease pandemic, and new passport requirements, there may be some question about whether or not Circus Mexicus will “happen” this year.

The simple answer is “yes.” We will be there, the show will go on.

To answer the question “why” is probably more difficult to answer than “why not?” Why should the show go on? If, due to any one of the above circumstances we were to cancel this year’s Circus Mexicus, some folks would be disappointed, but I doubt anyone would fault us for not having a good enough reason.

Judiciously and with full knowledge of the issues in today’s headlines, RCPM again makes the choice to venture south, cross the border, and set up our stage in that “little drinking village with a fishing problem.” And if in the shadows of these headlines, there is a lot of elbow room in front of that stage, so be it. We’re ready for that. It is in RCPM’s manifesto to give all we have, every time play, whether it be in front of 1 person or 10,000. We will also be ready if thousands of rock and roll revelers show up to sing and swoon and sway. I know this: as always, the amps will roar, the mariachis’ horns will wail, the beer will be cold and the margaritas tall, the moon will be full, the fireworks will burst, and we will be there to stand and deliver! We offer but a simple celebration of Life through Rock and Roll! We will be there for that simple reason: to be the purveyors of happiness, delight, elation and joy. That’s why.

Roger Clyne

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