Thursday, December 4, 2008

PTG Holy Days Sale

Dear Happy and Important Person,

The Peacetime Goods annual Holy Days Sale is well under way! We have slashed prices on our summer shirts and apparel and lots of other goodies to make room for new designs. Get your classic RCPM design now and check back for new stuff in 2009.

For the Holy Days, we are also marking down all RCPM cds to $10 each and adding the super-spicy Turbo Ocho CD to the Whole Enchilada. ¡Arriba!

Before the band departed for their current tour, we sorted through our stock on the bus and found some sizes in some of the shirts and other things that we had thought were already sold out, so take a look and see if we may have rediscovered that special something we once told you was out of stock.

Please read the descriptions of the apparel to be sure that it is the fit you want; classic fit vs. slim fit. All sales items are non-returnable so please make sure you are getting exactly what you desire!

We will be including a special thank you in the packages to everyone who orders from Peacetime Goods from November 15th to December 31st. If you have already discovered the sale and ordered, your special thank you is on it’s way.

The final date for delivery before Christmas is December 15th by USPS.

Thanks for visiting our store and supporting RCPM!

Happy Holy Days!
Peacetime Goods

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