Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The new site...

¡Hola Peace Core!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new website. We're sure you've found there are many great features already available to you. And we're not done yet! New content will continuously be uploaded to give you the complete Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers on-line experience.

If you haven't had a chance to explore everything yet, allow us to give you a brief introduction.

First off, as you grab your box of popcorn, we're sure you've noticed our vintage Cine Mexicano movie-style posters, complete with our own RCPM spin. Like the promotional poster for "It Came From the Sonoran Desert" says, we hope the graphics rock your world.

Want to know when the Peacemakers will be coming to your town? Check out our improved Tour Dates page. And after the show, post comments, reviews, set lists or photos of your RCPM experience. There are now several places you can be a concert reviewer or simply give a shout out to friends you saw at the show. The traditional "Show Reviews" section on the Board (aka, The former Waterin' Hole), is still around. But, you can also visit the "Upcoming" or "Past Shows" sections of the "Tour" page where you now have the option of posting comments about each individual concert.

Have you checked out the "Bio" section yet with new photographs of our compadres guapos? You can find out who has Rage Against the Machine cranked in the tour bus and who's rockin' out to "Dreamweaver."

There are many new fans joining the Peacemaker community and may have common questions, such as wanting to know if there's any meaning behind that starfish-looking petroglyph thingy. We invite you to look at our FAQ's page for the answer.

We here at RCPM are especially excited about the new Media section. It's a very easy to follow guide to all the albums and songs of Roger from Turbo Ocho all the way back to the earliest days of The Refreshments. Wondering what exactly El Capitan is saying during Interstate? Look it up in the lyrics section. There are also videos available at your fingertips ranging from "Goon Squad" to the semi-regular video-diaries the boys have taken while on the road.

As always, Peacetime Goods is still available for all your RCPM swag needs.

And last but not least, The Message Board! In addition to posting about Peacemaker topics that are on your mind, talking about Circus Mexicus and getting on your soap box to share your views and opinions with others, there is now also a place to talk about ways to protect the environment and remain politically active both nationally and in your own community.

Remember, the message board is a place to express your views and share your ideas with others. It's a place where information is exchanged and opinions shared.

However, we would like to add as a gentle reminder that there are still rules on The Board that need to be followed. First off, our board is for fans of all ages. Please try to keep the content as family friendly as possible. And even though something might not be your cup of tea, that doesn't mean someone else might not enjoy it. Do not rip on a fellow Peacemaker that might ask a question you think is RCPM 101. Believe it or not, not everyone has every fact about every band member memorized. And not everyone was fortunate enough to hear the Peacemakers back in 1999. New fans are discovering the band all the time, and we want them to feel as welcome as the old school crowd. A lot of "noobs" are discovering that for the first time that same excitement we all had the first time we heard Honky Tonk Union or even back to Fizzy Fuzzy. Being negative for the sake of being negative won't be tolerated. We're big boys. We can take constructive criticism. But we ask that you say, don't spray, your comments, or simply send your suggestions on how to make the board better to the moderating team. This is a web site for people who love the music of Roger, PH, Steve and Nick.

Thank you again for finding our new web page and contributing to our great community. Remember, the new site is up, but it's still not 100% yet. We invite you to check back regularly as we get all the bells and whistles of our new site up and running.


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